In 2017 whilst talking about the meaning of jewelry, the emotional values attached, we became curious to question and understand the many reasons why an individual would purchase and proudly wear a piece of jewelry.

Through time the same conversation would resurface and new thoughts and ideas were brought up. Jewelry has always been one of the favorite ways to symbolize love, friendship, celebration, a way of remembering a unique emotional milestone. It has always had the power to take the wearer back to their moment of happiness.

We found that most of the jewelry created these days has been using metals in which the extraction did not improve the lives of the miners and those involved in the process. This goes along with the negative environmental impact it has on some of the most vulnerable communities.

InTaime was born as a rebellion against all jewelry that did not hold a positive impact behind its creation.

Our original team is composed of a jewelry designer and gemstone cutter with years of experience in the field together with an individual who has worked in the fashion industry working in the photography and advertising fields. Both have a passion for design, jewelry, photography, traveling and most importantly wanting to play a role in social activism. Trying to create a change for the better all while following our lifetime paths as individuals.

We decided to create sustainable jewelry using drawings from children, celebrating their pure and raw outlook of the world. The meaning of life and unconditional love represented in a single “picture”.

Our values are:

  • 1.Share. By sharing your drawings, you not only keep them stored in a safe place where you can enjoy them, but you will also have the opportunity to showcase art. We believe art from a child’s very first drawing should be shared and appreciated.
  • 2.Care. We care about the education of children, the condition of their lives and the opportunities every child deserves. InTaime has been created to help these areas where support in this area is still very much needed.
  • 3.Create. We strongly believe our jewelry surpasses the wearable art concept and our aim is to deliver a positive message and the right intention throughout the world that jewelry possesses.
  • 4.Inspire. Our community aims to be an example of awareness and responsibility when talking about “shopping”. We believe in working together as a community looking to create something greater than the “I, Me and Myself” mentality, forever expanding the values of InTaime.

InTaime is a platform where you can safely preserve and share the precious drawings of your children. We understand most of our drawings as children are no longer with us and losing these memories is a real shame. Whilst creating a young artist’s very own online gallery, we will create a piece of jewelry from any drawing that holds a special place in your heart or are simply feel inspired by it. A drawing you can carry and wear with you at all times.

InTaime was born as the antithesis of organizations receiving donations claiming to create infrastructure, education, and environmental action. Certain groups label themselves as “sustainable” but profits are unfortunately not distributed as advertised and only a fraction of their promised amount reach where help is needed. This results simply in “photo opportunity” to look the part for the press and keep funding their structure. InTaime was created to challenge those large corporations donating only a fraction of what they are capable of. Simply creating an image to look the part as morally responsible but in reality contributing less than 1% in philanthropy.

InTaime is a company and not a charity organization or an NPO but our aim is to create a positive community with the help of our contributors, hoping to inspire more companies, especially the ones with larger resources to create a bigger impact.

In order to make InTaime sustainable, grow and develop new features and ideas for the near future, we must keep part of the earnings. Our decision even before making this project a reality, was to give 50% of our profits towards the education of children,  education, environmental issues and moral projects deserving our support. To allow as many children possible have a brighter future.

InTaime wants to look towards the future with a pure and positive mindset a child possesses and to become the world’s largest children's drawing gallery. Promoting and sharing art from all corners of the world. By selecting one of our drawings and creating a piece of jewelry for your loved ones you will be directly contributing to create a change for the better. You will not get many gifts in life as valuable as becoming a parent. Buying smart and responsibly is the way forward of our times and we believe our platform can be the vehicle to help create a better future for our children to live in!

InTaime is the combination of different words which helps you understand the eco-system we try to create as a community and defines us.

…IN TIME, being in this moment…
…AI, love (from the Japanese)…
…AIME, love (from the French)…
…AIM, having the intention…