Terms of sale

1 – Preamble

The conditions presented exclusively govern the contractual relationship between the User (hereafter referred to as “User”) and the InTaime (hereafter referred to as “Site”).

The website intaime.com is a platform where Users upload drawings for free and can create from those drawings, pieces jewelry or any other form of art, sold through InTaime and by Intaime.

Customer service and support are available and can be reached via email on the address: support@intaime.com

2 – Definitions

The terms defined below have the following meanings in these Terms of Use:

  • Site: all products sold from the drawings on the website intaime.com belong Intaime, Inc. until the user, paid for it.
  • User: any member of the InTaime website who has an account, being or not ordered any product sold on the website.

3 – Products

The products offered and the standards applicable for InTaime are in keeping with local legislation of the company ownership. InTaime will make every effort to accurately portray the products offered for sale.

3.1 InTaime Site

InTaime sells the drawings uploaded in the site, in a for of jewelry piece or any other form of artistic expression.

Any drawings can be sold as for unlimited times.

4 – Pricing conditions

The price of our products doesn’t include the local taxes at the destiny country. We reserve the right to modify our prices at any time.

5 – Ordering

Any drawing can be ordered on the website after complete the checkout process successfully.

7 – Delivery

Intaime orders will be delivered through email within the time specified in our delivery policy.

7.1 Place of delivery

Orders will be delivered only to the countries specified in our delivery policy.

7.2 Delivery fees

To know more about our delivery fees, see our delivery policy.

8 – Payment online

8.1 Payment by credit card

The following credit cards are accepted: Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express® and JCB®. The User account will be debited according to the terms and conditions of the purchaser’s credit card provider. The order will be formalized upon receipt of payment. All transactions will be subject to privacy protection and will be protected using the SSL encryption protocol.

InTaime, Inc. and the website intaime.com has no access to banking or credit card details and does not keep them on its servers. They will be requested for every new transaction a member makes on the website.

8.2 Payment by Paypal®

Intaime have the option of using PayPal® as a method of payment. To do this, the member must have a PayPal® account. He or she will receive the Intaime Paypal® ID to finalize the transaction.

All purchase transactions are conducted in accordance with the confidential and secure process provided by Paypal®.

9 – Refund Conditions

Payments for InTaime are not refundable, either in full or in part, unless there’s an obvious quality issue, in which situation we will create the purchased item again, to insure the proper quality standards.